Learning Target #5

I can understand how innovation creates change in society

What is innovation?

Innovation is anything new. A new invention, way of doing something, or even an idea and it creates change.

Example one:

My first example of innovation is the Lousiana Purchase. I chose this one because it is new land and when you get new land you have to explore it. This creates a good change in society because it is creating more room for the new country, you could have people move over there, farmland, new things could be discovered and so many more things, but it could also be a bad change, there could be not very good land there, nothing to discover, and not right climate, but it did become good change.
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Example two:

My second example of innovation is the invention of the Power Loom. I chose this because it was a new invention and a new idea. This created change because during this time they were struggling with money so it was hard to get clothes, and having this in the mills helped people so they did not have to make their own, but the downside of this is that it did put people who hand weaved their clothes out of business. This machine has evolved, it has evolved by not even having it mechanical anymore, it is electronically controlled now. This change helped increase the quantity, speed, width and the structure of the fabric.
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Example three:

I chose the Trail of Tears for this one because it was a new idea to get rid of the Indian tribes. This created bad change because it was taking a race and sending it away to a land they are not familiar with because they have lived in the same place for a long time and now they are just leaving everything behind. I do not think this created any good change, but for the American's I think they thought it was better for them because their land was valuable and great for farming.
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Example four:

My fourth example for innovation is the steamboat, I chose this invention because it was a new invention and it created a lot of change. It created change by helping people get up river faster because rowing up a river was a lot of hard work and could get you really tired. This way the people did not have to row their arms, and it was easier to transport things, it was also faster.
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Example five:

My fifth and last example is the Missouri Compromise, I chose this event because it was a new idea and a new process. This created change in our country because it is changing who can and can not be a slave state after the line was put down. This could cause a lot of trouble, for example if there was a new state to come in below the 36°30' line and they wanted to be a free state they could not because they are below the line and that could cause a lot of conflicts.
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