Join me with some Chemistry

Do you ever wonder why baking soda vinegar react or cornstarch and water to make ooblek

Well do you think that you can just mix things together and see what happens well yes you can JUST TAKE PRECAUTION That leads me to my next topic.


You need to wear eye protection and have a safety shower and a eye rinse and if you wear glasses that is good but still try to wear so eye protection. And do this if you are doing my next topic

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What is mass

Mass is any thing that has weight to a book or food if you are on earth and your weight is 1200 and if you are on the moon and it is 200 your mass on earth is 120 kg and one the moon it is 120 kg still mass does not change

here are some experiments

  1. ice cream out of a bag

  2. you can make oobleck

  3. you can make a VOLCANO with clay and vinegar and baking soda

  4. you can make cookie dough

  5. you can make fizzy lemonade

  6. 3 or more layer drinks

  7. look at dna

  8. you can make ice cream with liquid Nitrogen

  9. you can make elephant toothpaste

  10. you can make a lava lamp

Never do a experiments with out help for a adult. All ways have protection. Never point your face at a chemical reaction.