The Key to Savvy Shopping

Produced by: Keya, Melvin, Pricy, Siri, Stephanie

Don't be a sucker, be a savvy shopper

Would you rather waste money on something you think you will use but never do? or would you rather spend it on something you will DEFINITELY use? Plan ahead. Do your research; ask family or friends, review items from experts and get advice and quotes from expert sellers. Also, you must make sure the seller has appropriate licenses and make sure the prices are retailed as shown. Check these points of your list, and be a smart and slick shopper!

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Traveling? Dont worry no more!

Everyone loves going on vacations, am I right? I mean come on, who doesn't love a nice summer in the beaches of Malibu or spending winters in warm cabins snuggled up in a blanket? For the best flight discounts, you should always plan ahead of time. Always keep in mind that two single tickets could be cheaper than a return ticket. Make sure to check out at hotel sites for early or cheaper discounted rooms. Never forget to park your car in the airport parking in advance and check the short term car park.

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"Ever since I learned how to shop savvy, my whole life has changed! Everything is so much less complicated and I'm not even spending as much money as before!" -Desarae Simons