Gifted Gazette

1st Trimester 2022-2023

We will foster a learning community for Gifted and Talented students to spark creativity, embrace their strengths, withstand challenges, and realize their potential in order to advocate for their future.

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The parent newsletter for gifted students in Broken Arrow Public Schools.

Welcome to our GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) community for BROKEN ARROW PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Our FALL newsletter is full of news and information, recommend resources, and invitations to events as well as other opportunities around our city and state. Make sure to CLICK the TITLES and LINKS to learn more!! Whether your gifted child is in elementary, middle or high school, these newsletters will provide information intended to help you support and prepare your gifted child for successful learning opportunities in our schools and community!!


Brain Teaser, Optical Illusions and Logic Puzzle Links

This page has a wide variety of links for students to find Brain Teasers, Logic Puzzles, Optical Illusions, Plexers, and SO MUCH MORE!!! This is a great place for students to visit on Distance Learning Days or on the weekend. CLICK THE PICTURE FOR ACCESS!!


What is imposter syndrome and how can you combat it? - Elizabeth Cox
If you have a child that suffers from Perfectionism CLICK HERE for some amazing resources to help you along this parenting journey.
The Exhaustion Problem in Extreme Parenting

Parental burnout is taking its toll...Read why I think it’s high time we acknowledged the tired truth about parents who are always ‘on’ while raising children with extra needs.

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Are You Hiding Your Intelligence?

Are You Hiding Your Intelligence and Your Multiple Abilities from Others and Maybe Even from Yourself? BY: YOUR RAINFOREST MIND


Thank you for your continued support! We truly enjoy working with your kids and all our Broken Arrow Teachers. GO BA!!
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Kelsee Arnold:

*Spring Creek *Aspen Creek

Jamie Artis:

*Country Lane Primary/Intermediate

Rachel Coakley:

*Timber Ridge *Vandever

Christie Dirks:

*Creekwood *Arrowhead

Joey Hoffman:

*Liberty *Rhoades

Kelsey Jones:

*Rosewood *Leisure Park

Sarah Luce:

*Highland Park *Oak Crest

Heather Tate:

*Lynn Wood *Wolf Creek