All new Koenigsegg Regera

From fast, to even faster.

What's new in the Koenigsegg Regera?

Of the company Koenigsegg, we have made new improvements from our previous cars, to all fit into this one car, the Regera has made big improvements, such as its new 5 L V8 twin turbo + 3 electric motors. That has also caused the car to have a lighter weight than its brothers, in-spite of the heaviest of its brothers, the Agera R. The new Regera also utilizes an EV plug to charge for. The Regera, now has improved furniture as it has velvet, leather seats for comfort of the driver and the passenger.

Come see us!

Here at the headquarters of Koenigsegg, we invite everyone to come and join to see us manufacture our cars. Our headquarters are located in Angelholm, Sweden the birth of Koenigsegg