Asheville Primary School

Family Connection 3/13/22

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Alma Thomas


At this week's board meeting, the decision was made to change the mask mandate to OPTIONAL VOLUNTARY MASKING beginning MONDAY, MARCH 14th. We know this will bring some big emotions for some students and staff. Please take some time to discuss your family's choice and how your child will proceed with masking. According to the new masking decision, staff will not be monitoring whether or not your child is wearing a mask appropriately. Please discuss as a family what your preferences are prior to Monday.

Feeling anxious? Let us know if your child has big feelings around this new decision. We will support some strategies for feeling safe and calm about the new change.

Attendance & Tardies

If your child is absent or tardy, please send a note in to the teacher or email with an excuse. Documenting why students are out helps us keep accurate records. If you receive a letter about unexcused absences, you can submit notes for previous dates as indicated on the letter. If you chose to self-quarantine, you will need to send in a note. We thank you for your patience as we all work together to help Ms. Kett keep accurate records off site. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 350-2900.

Use this link to order an APS shirt anytime. (Remember shipping has been taking awhile, so it may take a couple of weeks to get it.)


Nurse Julie will be here this week to complete a vision screen for our first and second graders. This screening takes only a few minutes and you will be contacted if there are any concerns about your child's vision. Thanks to our ACS nurse team for keeping us all healthy!

Looking for ways to get involved at APS? We are looking for some virtual field trips to businesses. Showcase your job with a Google Meet with our students. Call 350-2900 to schedule an event.

Staff and kids practiced a tornado drill this week as a part of state wide severe weather awareness week. Everyone did a fantastic job of moving quickly to their designated space and getting in a safe position. Ask your child how to keep it safe during a tornado drill.


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Visit the Find My Testing Place website to find a clinic or pop up testing site near you. Testing is available through StarMed Healthcare. To register for COVID-19 testing through StarMed, click here. Curbside COVID-19 Testing

Please let your child's teacher, Michelle Goldsmith, and/or admin know if someone in your household is positive or if your child has symptoms. We are all doing our best to stop the spread of Covid. If you have questions about symptoms or quarantine, please call or text Michelle Goldsmith (Covid Coordinator) at 713-4659.

Coming Up

March 14 APS SIT Meeting 3 PM, ACS Board Meeting 5 PM

March 15 PTC Meeting on the Blacktop/Playground

March 28-April 1 Shark Week


Lots of laughter was heard on the APS front porch Friday morning! It was so nice to see all of the families enjoying themselves and meeting new faces. Thank you to PTC for sponsoring this event!

JOIN US for PTC MARCH 15 5:30-6:30 on the Blacktop/Playground


Thank you to Ms. Baily and Mr. Shawn for another reminder about safety at recess! Children need direction and reminders about being gentle, steering clear, and finding activities that are fun and safe for everyone. Please talk to your child about how he/she/they keep it safe during recess. Students were given 5 areas to choose from with specific types of activities in each area. Staff will give students a reminder when needed and will provide support for taking a break when play gets rough. Remind your child what gentle play looks like for his/her/their age. We want everyone to enjoy free choice play every day!
Shark Lady by Jess Keating I Read aloud I Biography books for kids


Nurse Lina has joined our APS team and will be on site 3-4 days per month. You are always welcome to call the front desk with questions for her or email her at We have enjoyed having her expertise and her warm, friendly smile on campus. Welcome, Nurse Lina!
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AUTHOR VISIT on PreK Playground

Thank you, Maslow, for sharing your brilliant stories in a special preschool story time this week. Principal Williams is on the waitlist for an advance copy of your first published book~remember that!
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