Gregor Mendel

The founder of modern genetics

Intro Description

Gregor Mendel is the person who came up with genetics, so he is called the founder of modern genetics. Gregor Mendel was ahead for his time, but everyone who he tried to explain his work to said this is old news we already know this, but nobody knew it because it was something brand new, but nobody believed him until about 35 years later.

Early Years

Gregor Mendel was a bright student because he got top marks in math and science. Gregor Mendel even went to a college and the college he went to was the University of Olomouc. Gregor Mendel did not only have good things happen to him though because in 1956 he tried a test that he took and failed before. When Mendel took the test he went in thinking maybe he could finish it this time, but his nerves got the best of him again. Mendel stormed out of the room again, so he failed the test.

Experimental Design

What Gregor Mendel did with this is he mixed certain types of pea pods with other certain types of pea pods. When Mendel experimented on these pea pods it really helped his research in this field. 3:1 dominant vs recessive. Dominant is a gene that will overshadow over another trait. This trait will always "wins". This trait will always show up and a example is brown eyes are dominant over blue. Recessive is a gene that will be masked or covered up by a dominant trait. A example is Blue eyes are recessive over brown. Co-Dominant has two traits that are neither more dominant nor recessive compared to the other. A example of Co-Dominant gene is where you have blue green eyes.


When he crossed always yellow with always green he got yellow every time because dominant with overpower the other gene. 3:1 dominant vs recessive. Mendel also helped with genetics because there was a couple of people who ran across it and when they did they looked at the paper and found some valid reasoning. That is when people started to research the different thing in genetics and his paper helped people a lot because they started their own experiments.