Strong, Sixteen, Sybil.

Greatest Woman of the Revolutionary War.

Sybil Ludington

  • Father fought in the French and Indian war, and also was a part of the local militia.
  • Oldest of twelve children
  • Only had one child


  • She made the famous midnight ride to warn the minute men across the countryside that the British were heading their way.
  • She rode 40 miles across the countryside, twice the distance as Paul Revere.
  • So if Sybil had not warned the minute men the British would have taken them by surprise and they would had lost that battle.


  • 1761 Sybil is born in Bradford, Connecticut, April 5
  • 1775 Paul Revere rides for independence, April 18
  • 1777 Sybil rides for independence, April 26
  • 1784 Sybil marries Edmond Ogden, Oct. 24
  • 1786 Henry is born to Sybil and Edmond
  • 1799 Edmond dies of yellow fever
  • 1838 Sybil files for a pension from the government, Sept. 8, but is refused
  • 1839 Sybil Eddington Ogden dies on Feb. 26, 1839, at age 77