Anna Freud



Anna Freud was born on December 3, 1895, in Vienna, Austria. In 1938 she moved to England to escape Nazi rule. Anna Freud died October 9,1982 in London, England.


Anna Freud created the field of child psychoanalysis and her work contributed greatly to our understanding of child psychology. She also developed different techniques to treat children. Freud noted that children’s symptoms differed from those of adults and were often related to developmental stages. She also provided clear explanations of the ego's defense mechanisms in her book The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense (1936).

Historical Impact

She set up the Hampstead Child Therapy Courses with the childrens clinic added five years later. She encouraged the observations from multiple analysts and encouraged long term studies of development from early childhood to adolescence.

Interesting Facts

  • The youngest of Sigmund Freud's six children, Anna was very close to her father.
  • She learned languages such as Hebrew, German, English, French and Italian.
  • Anna Freud took over her fathers profession after he had half of his jaw removed.

Important to Modern Day Psychology

With her studies of psychoanalysis of children and emotionally deprived and disadvantaged children doctors and therepist now know why they act the way they do and the help they need to be in society.