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Bakers Man Bakery Shut Down For Food Poisoning

Three people who would not like to be identified have been diagnosed with food poisoning and are in critical condition. Evidence has lead to the pie fest held by Bakers Man Bakery in Joey Park on August 19th. After interviewing the owner of Bakers Man Bakery, Mr.Baker said he was at work that day at the bakery. All his employees were not washing their hands and the kitchen was a mess. All of this information was found after watching the security cameras. Also finding out the business did not pass the health state test, the business is being sued by the three people who ingested the food. Also, the company is being shut down by law.

Fast Food Facts

The fast food you eat is filled with preservatives and chemicals. Fast Food is prepared quickly and is normally served in a bag or take out container. The most common type of fast food are burgers, fries, pizza, tacos, and chicken. Some fast food fries can have so many preservatives, they can last three years. Some fast food restaurants burgers can look the same after 14 years. Fast food is also served at places like gas stations, an example of the foods there are hotdogs. In the US, we spend $100 Billion on fast food each year. McDonald's serves over 40 million customers each day. You can find a McDonald’s restaurant in over 100 countries around the world. A taco salad from a fast food restaurant can have as much fat as 16 Boston Cream Pies. Some milkshakes from fast food restaurants can contain more chemicals than fertilizer. As you can se,e even though it may taste good it is probably not very healthy.
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Finding Dory

Did you see finding Nemo? If you liked Finding Nemo, you will love Finding Dory. This movie is rated PG. I really like this movie because it teaches you the real meaning of family. Also, it teaches you how to appreciate your family. After Dory remembers she has a family, Dory, Marlin and Nemo go on a hunt for Dory’s parents. In their action filled adventure, they have some fun times and meet some cool fish.

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Dogs Get Married

This weekend two dogs got married! Their names were Oscar and his wife Lily. People and their dogs were invited to come and celebrate the new couple. Also attending where their puppies. Instead of rings they both got new collars. The wedding was held at the Joey Park on Saturday. All the dog guest got hotdogs in their goodie bags and a bone. There was a huge cake made of dog treats and peanut butter.The wedding reception was held at Joey park as well. As you can see the was an unusual event held at the park ,but was very special as well.

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The Sims

The Sims is a life simulation game. The Sims is a very fun game for all ages because it teaches you real life lessons, but in video game form. In the Sims you can create your own people and help them start their family. In order to live, you and your family need food and a bathroom. Also, to provide money you must get a job, just like real life. There are many versions of The Sims such as, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4. My personal favorites is The Sims 3 because I was having some troubles with the Sims 4. A cool thing about the Sims games are the expansion packs because you can add things to the game such as pets, traveling, boats, and even more. These are just a few reasons why the Sims is my favorite game!