At Exeter Phoenix !


Come along to our POP ART exhibition to show case some of the most famous pieces from all around the world! If you fancy a challenge then why not try the POP ART lesson which will be taking place on the night and become a Pop artist yourself!

Saturday, Feb. 16th, 6pm

Gandy Street

Exeter, Devon

What's going on ?

6:00pm - Doors open and refreshments.

6:15pm - Guides start around the exhibition.

6:30pm - Talks about the famous artists.

6:45pm - Question and answers with guides about POP ART.

7:00pm - Pop Art lesson.

7:30 pm - Buffet.

8:00pm - Surprise guest.

8:30pm - Finish.


Zoe burrow will be going us in this special occasion after recently becoming very popular in the POP ART business. Zoe got a degree in Art after studying at Queen Elizabeth's Academy Trust. She became a teacher and in her free time likes to create pieces of Art. Some of these will be on show this special evening. Zoe will be around to talk to us about her life as a Pop Artist and will be auctioning off some of her famous pieces for charity. Smaller versions of her paintings will be sold in the gift shop and don't be afraid to ask for photos or autographs.
Two very famous Pop Artists will be talked about this evening as they were very successful in the business. Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein were two of the most famous Pop Artists in the 20th century. Here is how they got their!

Andy Warhol: Andy was born on the 6th August 1928. He graduated from college with a fine arts degree in 1949 and started work as a commercial artist. He moved to New York and worked for "Glamour" magazine and carried on to be one of the best commercial artists in the 1950's. In 1964 he opened his own museum of artwork called "The Factory". It became a very popular hot stop for tourists in New York. Unfortunately Andy died on the 22nd February 1987. He died in his sleep during a recovery from gallbladder surgery.

Roy Lichtenstein: Roy was born in New York on the 27th October 1923. He got a masters of art degree at Ohio state university after serving in the army during World War II. Roy became a very big Pop Artist in the 1960's. He was a commercial designer for 6 years before teaching at Oswego state college. But he gave up to peruse a full time painting career. He created a lot of famous pieces such as: Drowning girl (1963), Blam!(1962) and Self - Portrait(1978). Unfortunately Roy died on the 29th September 1997 due to pneumonia (lung inflammation).