4K P.M. Class

Red Smith

January 15, 2015

Go Pack Go!

Next Week...

  • No School Monday, January 19th.
  • Hearing Screening Wednesday, January 21st.
  • We will not start a new letter because of the short week...no show and tell on Thursday, January 22nd.
  • Friday, January 23rd Kidz Town 9:30-10:30 a.m. Please return your slip by Tuesday, January 20th.
  • We have been trying to get outside a little each day if the weather is warm enough...please remember to send boots and snow pants. Thanks!

Parent Involvement Opportunities...

      FRIDAY, Jan 23 10:30 am @ Kress Library
      All Washed Up - This silly yet informative hygiene storytime is just in time for the cold and flu season. Join us for some good clean fun with stories and more. Stay to play in the “doctor’s office” and learn the importance of washing your hands.

      Try these activities on road trips...

      -The Never Ending Story: Engage your child’s imagination with their own made-up story. Everyone in the car takes turns adding a few sentences to the story. The twists and turns to the story are bound to be endless and enjoyable.

      -Back Seat Bingo: Before you leave home, you and your child can make a bingo card of objects you may see in your travels (a blue car, a horse, a stop sign, etc.) using stickers, or by drawing them yourself. As your child spots certain objects on their card while you're on the road he/she can place a marker over that particular picture. For markers, you can use something simple, that won't fall off the board while the car is moving such as sticker dots of various colors.

      We FINALLY Got To Play Outside!

      Please encourage your child to get their winter gear on independently. We will be working on trying to zip and getting our snow pants, boots, hats, and mittens on ourselves at school. The rule we use is try yourself and then come ask a teacher or friend for help. Thanks!

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