By: Déjà vu

Hey, you! Do you know Chihuahuas are so intelligent? I’ll tell you. Chihuahuas are life companions. Well, sometimes. My life started with female pup Chihuahua, and her name was Little Piggy. The breed is …well, duh! They come from Mexico the southern part of America. Here is an article about Chihuahuas. I hope you like it.

Info you need to Know

Chihuahuas colorful. Here are the colors: black, tan, blue, chocolate, cream, fawn, and more! The height for a female is 7 inches high, and the height for a male is 9 inches high. Both male and female weighs 2-6 lbs. Did you know that Chihuahua means “Tiny Shaking Canine”? Well now you know!

General Information

Grr! Is that him being impolite? I’d say he has extreme aggression. Some behaviors are to a dog who’s got a personality. Here are the behaviors: happy, hyper, crazy, shy, aggressive, and clingy. The person that raised it is the person that they’ll always love.

Facts that are Important

The important facts are they live for 14 years and they have many types of Chihuahua breed like a Teacup Chihuahua, etc. Also I have studied how a Chihuahua act when it’s alone in the dark. A lot of noise! And they are very messy when it comes to bathroom break! Ugh! I personally take it seriously I’d be like “Come one you need to go” she’s like “No I don’t need to go”. Dogs. Seriously?!?

The Conclusion

In this article, did you learn about anything? I bet so! On the other hand, have any questions? Oh! Have a suggestion? Yours truly the author.