Yes to Nuclear Energy

By: Anna VanDenheuvel and Jarrett Wick

Nuclear Energy's Enviormental Impacts

Nuclear Energy doesn't affect earth very bad because it doesn't give out any kind of greenhouse gas. Even though it is a nonrenewable resource it will not run out for quite sometime.

Fun Facts (:

  • Nuclear power plants produce about 20% of America's energy.
  • There are over 400 nuclear power plants world wide.
  • Nuclear power plants generate nearly 75% of America's clean air energy.
  • The best thing is that Nuclear energy doesn't add any greenhouse gases to the earth.

Myths about nuclear energy that can be proven wrong.

A nuclear reactor can explode like a nuclear bomb.

-It is impossible for a reactor to explode like a nuclear weapon. These weapons contain very special materials in very particular arrangements, neither of which are currently in a nuclear reactor.

Nuclear energy is bad for the environment.

-Nuclear reactors give out no greenhouse gasses during activity. Over their full lifetimes, they result in comparable emissions to renewable forms of energy such as wind and solar. Nuclear energy uses less land use than most other forms of energy.