Dolphins: The Playful Animals


dolphins can communicate by making lots of noises!

Dolphins  communicate by squeaking, chirping, and whistling. Dolphins can make noises by moving “air between the nasal sacs inside their skull.” Dolphins  also make sounds by slapping  their tails against the water. Lastly, dolphins make sounds by smacking their jaws together.

dolphins are smart creatures!

Dolphins are able to make their own games. Dolphins learn for fun, not to get a reward. A dolphin in Hawaii can answer yes or no questions. The size of a dolphin’s brain is equal to the size of a human’s brain.

common dolphins are often called "the acrobats of the sea.''

The Spiner dolphin can leap out of the water and spin two times before dropping in the water again. Some dolphins live in rivers. The dolphin with no dorsal fin is ‘the southern-right-whale dolphin.


  In conclusion, dolphins communicate in many ways. Dolphins also are very smart. Lastly, there are many types of dolphins.