All About The Poppy

Poppy is a type of flower

Some important facts/paragraph.

Poppies are herbaceous plants and they have powerful medicine like morphine to help control pain.You can not eat need some water,and can grow wear ever you plant is a popular decoration in France.peopple plant them for their beauty.

The different parts of the plant and there functions

  1. Roots=takes the moisture out of the soil
  2. Stem=It holds the plant up & it carries the nutrients from soil to plant
  3. True leaves=A foliage leaf of a plant
  4. Seed leaves=Leaf of a plant that is seed-bearing
  5. Petals=They surrounded the other parts of the plant
  6. Stamen=The male fertilizing organ of a flower
  7. Pistil=the female organ of a flower

This is my plant so far.

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The stages of the plant

Birth=plant blooming.

Growth and development=Is the proses of growth

Reproduction=The Insects carry the pollin from flower to flower and pollination occurs

Death=the plants life cycle is over.

The lifecycle of the poppy

Starts as a seed then the seed germinates , it sprouts from the ground and soon buds. Finally the flowers begin to grow
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What is photosynthesis.

The process that flowers use sunlight to make food from carbon dioxide and water. This turns the leaves and stem to green or chlorophyll and creates oxygen.

On a scale from 1-4 what would be my grade on this.

I think it would be a 3 because it is my best work.