Advertising In France

Anita Alagic

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What is Advertising?

Advertising is the act of producing notices and announcements to promote a product, service, or event.

What are the different methods of advertising in France?

France has several methods for advertising. A few include underlining the value for the money, associating the product with a mascot, pointing out specific benefits, and presenting scientific results.

How do advertising and marketing improve the quality of life?

Advertising and marketing improve the quality of life because it helps us know what kind of products to try. When we see several different kinds of the same product, it motivates us to buy and test out a few of them in order to find the ones that work best for us.

How do they influence us?

French advertisements influence us because America uses several imported products made or designed in France. When we see certain advertisements promoting these products, we could choose to purchase them instead of the ones made in America because we are persuaded that they work better.

How does a seller convince his/her client to buy a product?

A seller convinces his or her client to buy a product by using some of the methods answered in the other question. They could make their advertisements visually appealing or compare the results of their product to the results of competing brands and make theirs seem worth more.


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What are different brands (des marques) of French daily routine products?

yves-rocher, l'oréal, Avène, homéoplasmine, uriage, l'occitane, nivea, lancôme, Bioderma, Topicrem, Nuxe, Vichy, etc.


American Ad vs. French Ad

What is the product? The products shown are fragrances.

The target audience? The target audience is women.

The goal or message? The goal is to persuade women to buy these fragrances.

What makes it interesting? Something interesting about each of the ads is that they both used famous people to try to persuade women to buy their products. They also used special fonts to attract attention.


Dove #OneBeautifulThought 2'20

French Video Advertisement

What is the product? The product is Dove shampoo.

The target audience? The target audience is women.

The goal or message? The goal is to persuade women to buy this shampoo.

What makes it interesting? This ad is interesting because it doesn't seem like it's an advertisement at first. It shows women and their insecurities to send a positive message, which makes viewers find this company friendly and buy their products because of it.