Anne Frank:

The Diary Of A Young Girl

Who is Anne?

Anne Frank is a Jewish, teenager who lived in Amsterdam. She wore nice clothes and her big smile everywhere she went. She was well liked by the everyone. Though sometimes Anne's attitude was grumpy, you couldn't tell by her facial expressions, gestures, and words.

Whats is this all about?

Anne’s life started out normally. Then everything took a turn for the worst. Hitler came and everyone turned against the Jewish. Anne was lucky and her father knew some people that would hide their family. Along with the Van Daan family and Dussel the Franks settled into a secret annexe. The secret annexe was hidden behind a swinging cupboard on the top two floors of a warehouse. Besides a few fights and a few illnesses everyone survived in the secret annexe. Peter and Anne fell in love and spent a lot of time together. This was all true until the trader. Someone working at the warehouse turned in everyone working for the secret annexe along with the people living there. Anne’s Mom died and so did Margot. Soon after Anne died as well.


The theme of this book is life and death. Anne is trying to say that you can live through almost anything. Anne would have lived, but she was betrayed. Anne lived through silence, she lived through hunger, she lived through everything the Nazis threw at her.

Most Important Part

Hannah: I think the most important part of the book was when Hitler started capturing people and Anne was forced to go to the secret annexe. This is the most important part because it started it all! This played a major role on how the book turned out. Anne didn’t die as soon as she would and she didn’t have to suffer a concentration camp for three years. The secret annexe saved her life!

Annika: I think that the most important event in this book was Anne’s first diary entry. This is what started the entire book. If Anne hadn't started writing, this book wouldn't have been possible. Her first words were the readers’ first look into Anne’s life and if this book had started in the middle of her time in the “Secret Annexe” we wouldn't have know anything about her past life and where she was and who Anne Frank was in WWII.

Cassandra: I think that the most important event in this book is when Anne first went into hiding. That's the reason why Anne had all those things to write in her diary. If she hadn’t gone into hiding, then the entries in this book would just be events of everyday life. Then Anne wouldn’t have a purpose to write. She had interesting things to say about the drama, her and Peter, and the announcements they heard on their radio. Anne going into hiding made her diary entries famous, and the events in hiding made the book put together famous.