No more congregation!

Stop creating crowds in the hallways that stop students!

Hard to go around, harder to get through.

When you form crowds in the halls, there's no telling who you're in the way of. Said crowds sometimes get large enough that the only way past is to go through, and this can cause problems because you delay students in and out of the group. This causes students to be late to classes. Such things can cause stress for anyone trying to get to class on time, and you don't want that on your mind. Finally, wouldn't you hate to get stuck outside one of these crowds? Stop forming them, or at least make them much smaller.

Stopping congregation

Thursday, April 11th 2013 at 9pm


Trying to pass these is like trying to fit a triangle into a square hole.

How to do it

Keep from the crowds.

Pay attention to crowd size and location.

Know that if you're in a large crowd, you may be stressing out people.