Moore Colony

12.5 cents per acre

Hunting Land

My colony has some of the best hunting land around. You will have many deer and other big game animals as well as rabbit and small game animals. You will have an easy time harvesting meat for the family.

Only 12.5 cents per acre


You will have at least one river or lake running on your land. You will have a fun time fishing for large mouth bass, catfish, and trout. If you want you can go on the river and catch bullfrogs at night.

You wont regret moving to Texas

Join the group

You will not be the only people coming to my colony a group of others is coming as well. My colony is very big and each family gets a big amount of land. No matter where you come from you will enjoy living on Moore Colony.

Farming and ranching

You will love the smell of your fresh crops in the morning. If you farm for yourself or sell your crops you will have plenty of land to do it with. You will also have pasture land to let your horses and cows graze in open fields.