It might be hard to choose between two things!


Stargirl- She is different from the "others".Leo- He can not choose between Stargirl and the "others"

My favorite part of the book!

My favorite part of the book is when Stargirl puts a badsheet on the roadrunner that says STARGIRL LOVES LEO. His first impules was to drag the spanish teacher to the window and say, " Look! She loves me!" My second impulse was to run outside and rip the sign away. But until now I had never been a target of her public extravagance.

~Fiurative Laguage~

~Strong Verbs!~

 1- But kevin was screaming on the phone! 2- I jumpped up and raced to the track! 3- I bolted from the track! 4- Kevin was windmilling his arm: Hurry! 5- "See better up here," said Kevin yanking me into the stands.


  ~ Stargirl is a story about a girl that likes this one boy named Leo. Stargirl is ... Well lets just say she is different from the other kids in this story. She sings Happy Birthday to everyone a lot. There was a special day though in this story. Leo was at Stargirls house and they were just talking outside. Then all of a sudden Stargirl kisses Leo! Leo was shocked... But I think he liked it. Stargirl would cheer for the other team when it came to basketball. There was a boy named Peter too. He was a boy that Stargirl was doing a biogrophy on. That is because Stargirl new that his parents would not get all of his pictures playing outside and stuff like that.          There was a basketball game when the other team got injured and she ran across the court to see if he was ok. She layed his head on her lap and... Leo was not  happy when she did that. And that reason is because by this time, they were "boyfriend and girlfriend".And then there was a guy named Archie. He was a scientist and he liked to study about bones. Him and stargirl are very close. There was an ocotillo ball and Leo and Stargirl had gotten into a little fight so he did not ask her to the dance. She went with no one but Cinnamin, her rat. At the end of the book Stargirl moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. This was 15 years after the Ocotillo Ball. Leo missed her and so did Archie! ~


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