How does it effect our lithosphere?

What is deforestation?

Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make land for other uses. There is an estimated 18 million acres of forest lost each year. This effects many things on our planet, so people are trying to make ways to combat it.


The lithosphere is the hard outer section of the earth, this includes the crust and the upper portion of the mantle. It is thinnest at the mid-ocean ridge and thickest at continental cratons. The lithosphere interacts with the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and cryosphere to influence the climate and landscape of our planet.


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Deforestation and me

Deforestation has many indirect effects on me and some direct effects. Over the past few years there has been a lot more logging in Statesville and around it. It has directly effected me because their used to be lots of forest land around my house, though now there is a lot less than their used to be. It has taken away places for me and my neighbors to walk and see nature, and it has also taken away the habitats of many of the animals we liked to watch or hunt. Indirectly it has effected me through climate change. Temperatures have risen over the years and it has caused droughts and other complications.


Deforestation has major effects on the lithosphere and the organisms living on it. It ties in with the other lessons we have learned this week. Examples of that could be urbanization and farming practices. Deforestation is sometimes used specifically to make farm land, though people have instead been trying to teach others not to do this and rather improve the land that they have. Urbanization also ties in because deforestation has cause people to move to urban areas and can also make more room for urban places that need to expand. Deforestation has many negative effects on us and our environment, and therefore needs to stop and be managed.