Cold War Events

Mrs. Wylie Muhammad Jones

Domino Effect

-Vietnam was now a communist nation, and starting to have an influence on surrounding nations, hence the domino effect.

-Depending on how fast the "Dominoes" fall, more and more nations can end up being communist.

Arms Race

-Kruschev and President Kennedy are arm wrestling, and sitting on nuclear weapons, representing the struggle between the two in advancing in nuclear weapons.

-Tensions were high, and if either power were to release their weapons, it could mean mass destruction.


-The Soviet Union and the United States relieved the tension between the two nations during the "Arm Race", potentially saving the lives of the people.

-The two sides still lacked trust for each other, and the threat of Nuclear War was still eminent.

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

-Nations picked to stick with one side, either NATO or Russia. This shows two nations moving from Russia's side, to NATO's side.

-This causes potential tension between the two groups, and could lead to all out war.

Truman Doctrine

-This shows Uncle Sam, crossing a log over the ocean to give aid to Greece and Turkey to ensure they don't fall into the "Soviet Sphere".

-This could potentially draw the US into the Cold War, making countries of the Soviet Sphere angry.