Anglo Texans

By: Jamie Kimbrell

Anglo Settlers Came From America

Home Land and Push Factors

Push Factors

Most Anglo citizens came to Texas because they were running away from debt, the law, or they came for the cheap land during the empresario era. When Texas was annexed into the United States, more Anglo settlers came to Texas(such as my ancestors) for the land and so they could have slaves.

Pull Factors

Many Anglo settlers came to Texas for the cheap land. Actually that was the one of the only reasons Anglo settlers came to Texas. They signed the empresario contract and got land for very cheap prices from the Mexican government. The other reason Anglo settlers came to Texas was because of their belief of Manifest Destiny. Many Americans believed that the United States would buy the eastern portion of Texas, so the Anglo settlers settled in the coastal plains region.


Anglo culture was christian. When Anglo settlers came to Mexican Texas in the 1830’s they had to put their beliefs on hold and become Catholic or be non-religious, but their high spirit attitudes still were there. Anglo settlers resisted changing to what the Mexicans wanted them to be. They brought their own ways of cooking with them from the United States. They ate mostly things that they could grow such as vegetables like corn, potatoes, and fruits. Also they cooked whatever they could catch like fish and wild game.

Significant Individuals

Anglo settlers had an impact on Texas because they controlled everything in Texas by 1832. They controlled the Government, economy, and well everything. Anglo settlers imported their ways and made Texas the way they wanted it to be for them and their children. If the Anglo citizens never came to Texas the Entire republic of Texas would STILL be a part of Mexico. Anglo Americans got Texas to become a part of the United States.


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Analysis: Anglo Impact on Texas

My culture group was very important to Texas because without the Anglo settlers in Texas, Texas would have never became a part of the United States; Therefore no other culture group would have came to Texas because of the harsh Mexican rule. Anglo citizens in Texas fought for the freedoms in hopes of bringing more people into Texas. Anglo settlers fought for everything we have today and gave rights for other culture groups to be able to come to Texas with equal rights.

Analysis: Immmigration

Immigration in Texas is better because Anglo settlers opened up the playing field for other nationalities to be comfortable coming to Texas. Without the hard efforts of our ancestors who came to Texas more than 100 years ago, we wouldn't know about other cultures and have other friends. Personally, if we were all the same I think that life would be really boring because we knew about everyone's past. Immigration keeps everyone unique and special in their own way. In conclusion, I believe that Texas is better off with immigration.

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