Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Tips To Maintain Your Garage Door Opener

Nowadays, each home has garage door opener. We all know how this opener works. It is actually gives you a better convenience during the moment that you operate the garage door. It won’t require you anymore to step out from you car and get physically involved where it is is really annoying when it is raining outside, right? That’s why it is highly advisable for you to invest this motorized device that opens and closes garage doors. In fact, garage door openers are one of the greatest conveniences you can invest in.

Of course, when you already have an opener, it is very vital to perform proper maintenance like just the garage door itself. If you want it to become effective each day, you should deal yourself to do proper garage door opener maintenance. Below, you can see the few tasks that can help you to upkeep your opener.

1. First, please be reminded to turn off the power of the opener or motor, don’t wear any loose shirt and remove all your accessories and jewelries. This is for your safety while doing the inspection and maintenance.

2. Clean the surface, rails and arms of the opener properly by using a soft, clean cloth. Then if the hinges are rusted, do not think twice to use steel wool to remove each rusts.

3. Check the cables, mounting bracket and fastener if they are faulty or broken. If one of them is broken, an urgent replacement is needed. Ask someone’s help if you can’t handle this issue.

4. The chain tension need an adjustment if the chain is already sagging. Then, you can utilize a light and penetrating oil in lubricating the hinge pin, axles and drive chain. Using soft cloth, eradicate the excess oil.

5. Do the safety reversing test at least two times annually.

Lastly, when you are facing more tough issues like having problem with electric wiring connection, well, you can consider to call professional. Meet licensed and dependable technicians here: