Planning Learning 2013-14

Planning for next year including key dates

Scheme of Learning 2013-14

As a result of your feedback, the scheme of work will be known as the scheme of learning. The pro-forma, guidance notes, a Google presentation and a short exemplar have been shared with you on Google Docs in the folder 'Planning Learning 2013-14'. This is ready for you to share with your teams. Every course must have a completed scheme of learning by 28th June 2013. There are some videos and website links in this flyer that you might find useful.

Department Assessment Plans

Assessment Plan Guidance Notes

On Google docs in the shared folder titled Planning Learning 2013-14, there are guidance notes on producing assessment plans for your department. This will include you making decisions about whether to use Google, Moodle or paper based assessments. Every department must have an assessment plan for their courses. These must be completed by 28th June 2013.

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