My report on Iowa

How the state of Iowa was born by: Caleb Baker

My introduction

Hello i'm going to explain what the state of Iowa was founded,what it is famous for,How the U.S ,and how it got its name,and its famous land marks to make you more interested the state that produces more pigs than your mouth can chew


First.The state of Iowa was founded in 1673 by Jacques Marquee and Louis Joilet found it in their journal entry's they said Iowa "appeared lush, green, and fertile".There were then Indians on the land once the discover'd it .The reason i'm saying this is because in 1832 a war called the black hawk war started.


The U.S obtained control of it in 1803 as part of the Louisiana purchase Louisiana purchase of 1803 this was actually part of the first half of the 19th century .Before it was a state it was actually territory for the first people who showed up there (See first paragraph)


Iowa is know for their pig's which they produce more mostly because 70% of Iowa is made of farm land This also boost their economy because thanks to these pigs they produce enough for two third of united states.This means it easy if you are trying to make a pig farm you could buy pigs from other farms.this help's you and the economy


Iowa has some old history one is an old school called the old rock school this school has been around since 1845 this school proves how long Iowa has been around so there is many places i can't put on the list. Some of the places you can find are actually some burial ground's from the great black hawk war of 1832 .


If you want to visit any place i suggest here with the history to the land marks and other things that many people like you me or any one can find out in Iowa there all historical there can be event's for people who don't know there history of there state