Accessories Through the Years

By: Samantha S. and William L.

Hats and Sunglasses in Style!!!

The first one to have been know of wearing a scarf is the Egyptian queen Nefertiti in the year 1350 B.C.It is said that the scarf was made out of woven.A few centuries past and there has been research that chinese emperor in 230 B.C started wearing scarfs to show their rank in military.This idea of using scarves to mark a rank in the military came back in the 1600 AD by the croatian empire.Ever since 1783 the scarfs started being made out of wool. Making scarves out of wool became a new fashion. In that time period making scarves at home became a popular trend.

Hats have been around for a really long time. They don’t really have a specific year that they were made.The first one made mainly for the use of protecting the people from the rough nature and harsh weather.

Sunglasses were invented around the 12th century in China, at first they were basically just pieces of rock, or more specifically Smoked Quartz held on by a rough frame. Although they weren’t the best at the time and didn’t protect your eyes from much, they were handy to have around because they offered some shade for your eyes. And in the beginning only the wealthy had these “sunglasses”. Also Chinese judges believed that if they wore those sunglasses they would be able to see things clearer without emotions “clouding their judgement”. Then in the 18th century a man named James Ayscough believed that blue/green tinted lenses could help people with impaired vision. Then things started to change in the 20th century with Hollywood stars, because they would use them to cover their eyes from the lights in the studios. From there on they just gained more and more popularity.


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