EBE Home Connections

May 25, 2020

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EBE Home Connections, 5.25.20

Message from Mr. Hanzeli

Hello Elger Bay Families!

Reminder: Newer or updated newsletter items are near the top. Repeated items (for reference) will follow. Here are the new and updated items in this newsletter:

  • Mr. Hanzeli video message: Memorial Day; Digital Citizenship; Parent Input Extension
  • "Super Hero" Learner Photos
  • Extension: Parent Input on Student Placement
  • Kindergarten Registration Reminder and Virtual Tour of Elger Bay for Incoming Kindergarten Students

Note: Please watch your Email box for a note from Stanwood-Camano School District explaining the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the 120 member stakeholder group it has formed to help determine options for re-opening schools in September.

~ Mr. Hanzeli

EXTENDED: 2020-2021 Student Placement Input, Now Open Until Tuesday, May 26, 4:00

Dear Parents and Guardians of 2020 - 2021 Elger Bay Students,

This will be a very different spring for us as we begin to think about classes, class configuration, teaching combinations, etc. So much remains unknown currently, and at this point there is only preliminary work being done at the state and district level to determine what "returning to school" may look like in September. To that end, I need to continue down the road of some processes to try and plan for possible eventualities. At this point, it usually means coming up with multiple versions of a plan and beginning to work them all :-)

I am beginning our work involved with placing students for next year and as I do that, the staff and I would like to gather input from you. I have spoken with the entire staff and can assure you that every one of us at Elger Bay Elementary takes very seriously the work of making the best possible classroom placement for all children. Please carefully read the remaining information and directions in this letter and on the parent input form.

There are many factors taken into consideration when placing students in class combinations: girl-boy ratio, mix of abilities and achievement levels, number of classes at each grade level, student learning styles, and specific social and academic special needs are just a few. Classroom teachers, special services teachers, specialists, the school psychologist, and I will be working together to form well-balanced classes. That is a commitment to each of you I will keep.

Parents are encouraged to be part of the process by giving us information about their child as a learner. Just below this article is a button linking you to our Parent Input Form. Filling out this online form is not required, but this is your opportunity to give the teaching staff direct input that will be used in creating our models for placing children.

The Parent Input Form needs to be submitted by Friday, May 22, 4:00 (extended to Tuesday, May 26, 4:00). The submitted forms are date/time stamped as they are received.

Once we have received final direction for the Governor and OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) we will finalize placements to include the students who transfer in and register to attend Elger Bay during the summer months. Also, I will be more certain of our circumstances and specific grade level configuration as we get closer to opening day.

A few days prior to our open house in late August individual student class assignments will be mailed home in the US Mail.

I ask that you trust we will take your child’s individual needs, as well as the needs of each Elger Bay Elementary student, into consideration as we form classes. If you have any further questions, please call.


Victor Hanzeli

Note: Please see the parent input form for further directions and complete the survey if you wish to make a specific teacher request for the coming year.

Student Placement Online Input Form 2020-2021

Click on the BUTTON and you will head straight to the Student Placement Parent Input Form.

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2020 - 2021 Kindergarten (and ALL NEW STUDENTS) Registration Available ONLINE

ONLINE Kindergarten Registration is OPEN NOW. Please spread the word with friends and family who may be registering their first child for kindergarten at Elger Bay Elementary. This online registration may be used for other new students to our school district.


Virtual Tour of EBE for Incoming Kinder Students

Click this button to take a virtual tour of our fabulous school campus. It is designed primarily for incoming kindergarten students, but if you will be new to Elger Bay next year at another grade, it is a great chance to see our beautiful school.

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Fifth Graders and Middle School Transition Coming

The plan is for middle schools to make contact with grade 5 student families by the end of this last week. Please watch your Email from Stanwood or Port Susan Middle School for more information.

Counselor's Corner

Hello Elger Bay Explorer Students and Families,

I sure miss your smiling faces and hope that you’ve been safe and healthy! Each month the elementary school counselors in our district are gathering resources and activities for coping, handling big feelings, and using your time well to care for yourself and those in your household. You can find all these fun items on Clever in the “Social and Emotional” folder. We hope you find these resources and activities to be helpful. They are all 100% optional and meant to be used to bring more peace, joy, and calmness to your life. No need to stress over anything that we share and please reach out if you do have any questions.

We know that this time may be bringing about feelings of grief and loss for many of our families. The loss of a loved one to illness or the loss of time together with those we love and enjoy being around can cause kids and adults to grieve, and doing so during this time brings its own challenges. We have included some resources specifically for parents and guardians to review and hopefully gain some knowledge on managing grief and loss. Please reach out if you are in need of additional counselor services or have questions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Take care and be well,

Jessica Mati

School Counselor, Elger Bay Elementary


Miss the "Playground Preview" webinar? CLICK HERE

If you missed the Friday, May 8 webinar to preview the new playground at Elger Bay, never fear. Click on the link (button) above. If you want to skip the pre-webinar, fast forward to (18:50) for a look at what will be our new Elger Bay playground.

Need Tech Support?

Begin by Emailing your teacher. It may be as easy as a code that is needed, so start with an EMail to your teacher and/or Mr. Blom ( kblom@stanwood.wednet.edu ) to see if it can be resolved easily.

If you continue to have issues, please contact our Technology Help Line at 360.403.3966

Regular Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Access Tutorial for SeeSaw, Google Classroom, Clever

For those still needing some assistance getting connected with SeeSaw, Google Classroom or Clever CLICK ON THE BUTTON for some visual supports.

Drive Through Plan: Chromebooks, Library Books, Student Supplies, G4/G5 (optional) Recorders Pickup

We continue to provide several socially distant, safe ways to access a chromebook, drop off a library book, pick up the gathered students supplies, and/or access one of the recorders for Mr. Crouch's (optional) recorder lessons.

From this point on the drive through will take place up front in the BUS LANE and will be coned for easy viewing.


Every Tuesday (through May), 10:00-1:00

CHROMEBOOKS: Chromebooks are still available to sign out for each Elger Bay student. Email Mr. Blom ( kblom@stanwood.wednet.edu ) and we will get you on our list.

STUDENT BELONGINGS: We are down to about 35 bags of student items. These are available at the times listed for pickup. Our teams will continue to work with you and contact you to get them in your hands. Some teachers have included the math workbook and other materials they may want students to access in the coming days.

LIBRARY BOOK DROP OFF: Mrs. Chaplik appreciates anyone who is able to come by and there will be a safe drop off bin for the library books during the drive through pickup.

RECORDERS (optional for G4 and G5): You will see another article later about this option for G4 and G5 students. Recorder pickup will take place during the times listed above.

(Optional) G4 / G5 Recorder Lessons from Mr. Crouch

If you are grade 4 or grade 5 EBE student interested in learning the recorder, CLICK ON THIS BUTTON to read a memo from Mr. Crouch with all the details.

Online Learning (MORE)...Paper Packets (less) (REAPEATED)

For April 27th (and beyond) we are really working hard as a school and district, heading toward learning and interactions between students and teachers that can all be completed ONLINE, without need for printing off pages from a 'virtual' packet. Elementary staff are receiving next level trainings in Google Classroom (G3-G5) and SeeSaw (K-G2) and everyone is getting very familiar with Google Meet.

I recognize that not everyone is or wants to be online and that many people do not have computer devices and / or may not even have WiFi. As with everything, we realize one size does not fit all. We will continue to be as accommodating as possible.

Let me do a brief review of the past month. The first two main "general education" packets that were delivered via Clever or paper packets were generalized by grade levels and represented a broad set of valuable resources pertinent to each grade level. I realized we kind of 'trained you' that huge amounts of paper were going to be needed each round of new work. I hope that will be changing in the coming weeks as the huge majority of the work will shift to online platforms.

As we prepare for round 3 on April 27, staff are gearing up their first efforts at using distance learning and the Google Classroom or SeeSaw platforms to connect with students and look at their work. To that end, there should be way fewer packets needed with each coming week.

IMPORTANT NOTE RE PACKETS: For the April 27 round of learning materials, we will be copying and mailing any materials that you might think are needed to be copied for those who have been signed up to receive paper. Beginning in May, I am planning to remove students from the "mailing list" for whom I know the teacher, student, and parent are successfully connected and interacting ONLINE.

We are going to monitor this closely and do everything we can to accommodate everyone, but we need and want to try and make the online transition as much as possible.


As we embark on having a greater presence between home and school online, we want to share a basic set of NORMS to help guide the way in which our students interact with the teacher and other students online.

Still Not Internet Connected?

If you are someone who would like to be connected but still need internet access, please consider the following:

1. Is there cell phone service available for your home location?

Meaning, if someone has a cell phone where your children would learn, could they get service?

2. Do you know if that potential cell service works with a Verizon or TMobile phone?

3. If you answered YES to both of those and you need supports, I can get you on a waitlist for mobile hotspots.

If this describes your circumstance and you otherwise have no access to WiFi, please Email Mr. Hanzeli (vhanzeli@stanwood.wednet.edu ) at your first convenience and we will get you on the list to potentially receive a hotspot.

Meal Program Update

SCSD is now offering weekend grab and go meals in addition to our regular meal distribution. On Fridays, all children will receive weekend meal packs that contain 3 lunches and 3 breakfasts.

Elger Bay Elementary is one of the district distribution sites. Please visit the school district website for locations. Meals are free to all children ages 0-18 regardless of income. We encourage you to take advantage of this program made available to our community.