Earthquake of Terror

By me!!!


It was 2032 and I was exploring Mt Fuji. Suddenly...POW!!!... a magnitude 9.9 earthquake from Tokyo struck and was so strong Mt Fuji split into 2 making lava spout out creating more chaos. I was a lucky one because I only injured my leg.

Before the Earthquake

I came to Mt Fuji 2 days ago to explore it and take real life photos of it. So far I had already climbed 2000 metres and stopped at a couple of camps and was prepared to take a photo of Mt Fuji's peak close up when it struck. CRACK!!!

During the Earthquake

When the earthquake struck my camera broke but all I cared about then was to run away. Soon I was 50 metres up the mountain but that is when the earthquake got severe. It was so severe it not only created an avalanche of rock and snow but also a flow of magma when Mt Fuji split. I fell into a crack and broke my leg.

After the earthquake

Somehow I managed to roll myself down the last bit and was rescued into a police helicopter. The nurses on board the helicopter at that moment put a cast over my leg with 3 other patients and we flew of into the horizon. The flowing lava turned to pumice and the avalanche finally stopped.

Interview part I - the second nurse

"I had been called so many times I could not save half of the victims . " She said

Interview part II- The Police Chief

"After the earthquake there were so many looters my men couldn't catch half of them and a quarter of them died from the looters guns." He said

Interview part III- The Helicopter's Pilot

" I was so rushed I only rescued very few people and I have told people to evacuate from Japan." He said


The earthquake were so fatal that most people evacuated to nearby North Korea, South Korea and China. Some people disagreed and created a technologically advanced city only to be thrown out by their own robots- but that is another story...
Big picture