An Amazing Animal

Written By: Shvut Lazare and Noam Jackson Grade 7

Fact File

Name: Wallaby

It lives: The Wallaby lives in the forest . It is common in eastern Australia.

It eats: He eats grass and leaves and also branches

It can: It lives 15 year

It can't: eat meat

Interesting facts about the animal: The males leaves its mother at the age of two years.

How the Wallaby looks?

The Wallaby has a red neak , a black nose. Its paws are also black.

It has fur and a pouch. It has a white line under its mouth. it looks like it is smiling.

Why the wallaby special?

We think that it is a special animal because the Wallaby is an unusual animal and it's very cute .

Comparison - Wallaby and Kangaroo

They both have pouches ,they are "marsupial". They both can jump.

but the kangaroo lives only around 4 to 6 years and the Wallaby can live up to 15 years.

Would you like this animal as a pet?

No, because it is very dirty and big. We don't have room for it to grow or jump.
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