Dye Sublimation Print T-Shirt

Project 3

Software Used

I used Adobe Illustrator to design the logo and print it on the printer.
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Equipment Used

I used the Dye Sublimation printer to print out the design onto the transfer sheet. I then used the heat press and moved it to the t-shirt.
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It costs $1 for each sheet that we used in the cotton dye sublimation printer, so my total cost was this. The t-shirt I used was in my closet so it didn't cost me anything.
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Possible Customers

This shirt would be desirable to people with similar interests in doing flips of any kind as I do. I made this design because it shows the most important thing in my life. Anybody that likes the design or the idea is a possible customer especially people that do trampoline or other acrobatic activities.
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Obstacles and Challenges

I faced the challenge of learning how to make the design look distressed, so I asked Mr. Maresh and researched it on the internet. I am happy with how I handled this problem and I successfully learned from it. I also put on my transfer sideways, so the design was crooked. Next time, I would align it better and more carefully.
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Learning and Accomplishments

I am most proud of my distressing of the design as well as tracing the person doing the backflip. The most interesting part of this project was coming up with a name for the business and then changing this name to a design. I learned how to make a logo and that you need to take your time lining up the design straight.