Ancient Egypt

all about the ancient Egypt

Egypt's physical features

  • Mediterranean sea- a body of water connected to the Nile river.
  • Red sea- body of water on the east of the Nile river
  • Nile river- located in upper Egypt
  • Upper Egypt- the north of Egypt
  • Lower Egypt- the south of Egypt
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agricultural methods

  • hieroglyphics- by writing numerals, and mathematical problems.
  • papyrus- plant that grows all around the Nile river valley, this plant was used to make a thick texture that is like paper. You put the stalks together and soak it in water, and then pound them flat together.It thickens up and becomes a thick texture!
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Question- how did advances in agricultural cultural's affect the life of early Egyptians? Answer: when the early Egyptians were doing agricultural they need water to give to the crops so the can grow. The early Egyptians had problems with other people taking the water for other things. Many crops would die easily in Egypt if it did not get enough water in a amount of time.