Tent Cities

By:De'Asia Doss

What happened?

During the 1960's African American's were not able to vote. So,when they kept trying officers arrested them. White officers and some white citizens didn't want blacks to register to vote because they might vote for someone who did think that they were equal.White store owners refused to sell goods to blacks that tried to vote and doctors even refused to see them! White landlords even forced blacks to move out of their homes in the middle of winter. With no place to go, African American's organized Tent Cities.

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Who was involved?

The people who were involved in the Tent Cities were homeless black families. There were sometimes 5+ people living in one small tent. In the winter time the tents got really cold so they had to dress really warm.

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Why did it happen?

This happened because black families needed a home after they were put out of theirs.

When did this happen?

This event happened in October 1960.

Where in the world did this happen?

The Tent Cities happened in Fayette and Haywood Counties in Tennessee.
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