Computer systems


A computer system accepts data and instructions at in input stage. Input devices,such as a keyboard or sensor, are used to collect and provide the computer system in data or instructios.


Data and instructions are processed by central processing unit. (CPU)

A CPU is the system's brains that can transform from input devices in to useful information or a phsical action. Also a process is a smallchip that resides in computers and other electronic devices.


A computer truly remembers its information in its storage, which is nearly always composed of one or more hard drive disks.when something gets deleted, it is not necessarily completely wiped out. it is just removed, in a sense. they only way to get the information deleted off of it is to write over it. data is stored on the platter of a hard drive. data is stored all around the platter in all locations. when its deleted it is just erased from the platter.