Dear Sports Fan

BY: Jesus Monroy Castro

Everyone should have a goal to conquer. I believe I’ll conquer yours.

There is no pressure when you’re making a dream come true -Neymar Jr

This quote, from Neymar Jr. shows that there is nothing that stops you from reaching your dreams.People like soccer because it is fun and entertaining. People like to compete with each other and see who is better. People like soccer because it is fun .

Soccer is a sport where people like to win. For example, people play better if they team up. Also,”people like soccer because they like to compete with others” (dear sports fan).

People like to bet money on soccer and prove who’s better.This sport is important because it keeps you active.

Soccer is the most exciting sport in the world. In fact,”people like soccer because it is incredibly hard to score“ (dear sports fan). However, ”people like soccer because of the build up before the release”.(dear sports fan). Kids like playing soccer because it is exciting to them and because it is the most played sport in the world. People get excited when a player has the ball and gets ready to shoot. After they miss the goal, they release the excitement.

Fans enjoy soccer because it is entertaining. People enjoy soccer because it keeps them active and gives them something to watch. If you play soccer, it is going to keep you active and will be able to exercise. That is why if you play soccer, you will be active. Then are going to be able to play soccer like a professional. That's why i recommend people to play soccer.

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