March 2020

Principal's Message

It goes without saying that these are very interesting times that we are living in. The last two weeks have been an adjustment period for everyone, students, teachers and parents. I am very proud of how our student body and teaching staff have been working through remote learning to the best of everyone's ability. As a parent of three myself, I know the adjustments that all the parents have been forced to deal with during the closure. The BCIT family truly thanks everyone for their support and flexibility during this time.

This newsletter will address the following:

  • District Update
  • Adjusted Attendance Process
  • Technology Concerns
  • Google Classroom for Parents
  • School Calendar & School Events
  • Spring Sports Update
  • Student Support (Guidance Section)

I know that this new remote learning is an adjustment for all. Please communicate with your children's teachers immediately if you have any questions during this time. Both the Guidance and Child Study Teams are available, along with the admin team if you need support for any issues or concerns. We have to work together during this time to continue the successful path of our students!

Stay safe!!!

Mike Parker


District Update: Key Points

Burlington County Institute of Technology

Key Points to Remember About Remote Learning

(March 25, 2020)

Remote Learning Procedures:

  • Students must remote into Google Classroom or another platform (if applicable) to complete their assignments for each class period, every school day.

  • All Assignments will be posted to the Google Classroom or another platform by 8:00 am.

  • Students are expected to complete their work in accordance to the instructions set-forth by their teacher, and in compliance with the rules and guidelines outlined in the sections of the BCIT Parent/Student Handbook titled:

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Class Participation

  • Code of Conduct


  • Students working with district issued chromebooks may contact their school principal if their device is in need of repair or needs to be replaced. Students may drop off broken or damaged chromebooks between the hours of 9 am-11 am on Monday and Thursday each week.

  • Daily attendance will be collected and recorded via the form titled Daily Attendance Student Submission Form Students will access the “ Daily Attendance Student Submission Form” between the hours of 8:00 am-12:00 pm each day in order to be marked present for the day.

  • The Daily Attendance Student Submission Form will identify a “present” status for the school day and will not automatically indicate that the student attended each class period. Teachers will record their attendance in conjunction with the classroom rules and procedures identified for the specific remote classroom.

  • Student daily assignments will be completed and graded accordingly. Completing the “Student Daily Attendance Form” does not automatically indicate that a student attended each specific class period throughout the day, nor does the completion of the form indicate that student work was submitted for all periods on each school day.

  • Students can submit their work to their teachers upon completion via Google Classroom or another assigned platform (when applicable). Assignments must be submitted via Google Classroom before 11:59 pm each day class is in attendance and the students must “submit” the assignment, even if it is completed on a different platform. If students are having difficulty submitting a particular assignment electronically, they must contact their teacher via email for assistance.

  • BCIT faculty, and staff are available virtually for assistance. Faculty and staff may be available virtually outside of remote learning hours by appointment and scheduled via email.

  • In order to meet the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of BCIT students, the school counselors, Student Assistance Coordinator, members of the IR &S Team, the Crisis Response Team, and the School Nurse at each campus is available on demand, as well as for a daily or weekly check in points based on the needs of specific students and families. Communication between the school district personnel and the members of the BCIT learning Community can be facilitated via phone, and with the use of various types of technology such as Google Hangout, Google Meet, and with specific call in lines which will protect the confidentiality of personal devices and phone numbers for school personnel and for BCIT students and families. The Director of Pupil Personnel Services regularly communicates with the BCIT School Counseling staff and CST team members via phone and video conferencing. The purpose of the scheduled sessions is to maintain a level of service to the BCIT students and families as if school was operating in person as a regular school day.

Parents and students who need assistance from their counselor, school nurse, student assistance counselor, or other appropriate school personnel should contact specific support staff members between the hours of 8:00 am- 12:00 pm. For student or school related emergency services, please contact the school principal after remote learning hours.

  • If a student is ill and will be absent, the parent or guardian should notify the school nurse by 12:00 pm on the day of the absence. Students will arrange make-up work with their teachers for each class period missed due to a medical related absence. If a parent or guardian is unable to communicate with the school nurse, they should contact the school counselor to report the absence.

***For more information about the BCIT Remote Learning Plan and the district COVID-19 Master Preparation Plan, please visit: BCIT Webpage


Adjusted Attendance Process

As stated above in the District Update, the daily school attendance will be completed through a Google Form that the student/parent will be required to complete each morning.

The link for the form will be on the Medford Home Page and I will also provide in the newsletter. Each day the form must be completed between the hours of 8am-12pm in order for the student to be marked present for that particular day.

This process will be more effective and efficient for the school to maintain daily attendance which is required by the state.

You will see this Important Message on the Medford Home Page

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Daily Attendance Google Form

Click here to complete the Daily Attendance Form


Technology Concerns

If your son or daughter is having any tech issues, please contact the administrative team via email. The building is open Mondays and Thursdays from 9-11am each week to address technology issues and we will either have IT correct the issue or provide a new Chromebook.

Google Classroom Info

As we live in this online educational setting, we have received a lot of feedback regarding Google Classroom and how parents can navigate this tool. The two videos below will give you a general overview of Google Classroom and then a more detailed "nuts & bolts" tutorial of how to utilize Google Classroom from a parents perspective.
Parents Guide to Google Classroom in 2020

Detailed Tutorial of What Parents Can See in Classroom

Google Classroom Tutorial for Parents

School Calendar & Events

As of March 27th, there are no adjustments to the school calendar. The 3rd Marking Period will end on April 8th as planned.

If changes are made to the school calendar, you will be notified of the changes.

We are holding out hope for several trips and campus events at this time, but do not have an official answer until we get further into the spring. We will keep everyone posted on cancelations.


Student Artwork



Student Activity Organizations

BCIT-Medford offers a wide range of student activity organizations. We recommend and encourage all students to become involved in at least one club/organization. Feel free to contact the staff advisors and see how you can become involved. Additional information may be found on the school website under Student Life.


Interact Club Jeans for Teens Donations

African American Arts Festival

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Spring Sports Update

Our Baseball and Softball Coaches are staying connected with their student-athletes through Google Classroom. They are posting daily sport specific workouts and fitness activities so our student-athletes do not fall behind in their respective sports. Student-athletes are reminded that all workouts must be done at home and they are not permitted to get together with their teammates during this time, as per the NJSIAA. We continue to wait for guidance from Governor Murphy and the NJSIAA in regards to the reinstatement of spring sports.

Student-Athlete Information

Any senior student-athlete wishing to compete in the NCAA Division I or II must complete an application through the NCAA. Click HERE to register. You must complete this process to receive any type of athletic scholarship money! Student athletes are reminded to send their SAT and ACT test scores to the Eligibility Center by entering the code “9999” in the box when registering for the tests. Any senior student-athlete wishing to compete in the NAIA level must register through the NAIA Eligibility Center. Click HERE to register. You must complete this process to receive any type of athletic scholarship money!





Medford Tech Apparel

Please check out our online spirit wear store to get your Medford Tech apparel. It can be customized for any academic, career major content area, club/activity or athletic team. The items are shipped directly to your house. Please click HERE to take you directly to the online store.



  • Used for general payments for student fines (replacement IDs, damaged textbooks etc.)
  • Used for special activities/events and clubs
  • Lunch payments should NOT be made on MSB

  • Used for online lunch payments

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Student Support During Remote Learning

The Guidance Department has developed a Form for students to access any of the counselors on campus. This form was emailed to their school email address and will also be on the Guidance Web Page.

Students can complete the form and connect with their counselor in various different ways if they need support for personal or academic issues.

Student Support Form

Click here to connect with a counselor

Course Selections for the 2020-21 school year will begin soon. Please review your child’s courses for next year and contact their counselor with any questions. In most situations, counselors suggest that students go for the challenge, but do not overwhelm themselves to the point where coursework suffers, and they are unable to maintain satisfactory grades. So, plan ahead. When it comes to academics, create a tentative sequence of courses that will develop breadth and depth over one's time in high school. At the same time, determine whether the schedule of courses for the coming school year considers all the different expectations of time; including class and co‐curricular demands, voluntary service, sports and work expectations.

Winter Expo and Student Tours


Summer Camps - Grades 6 through 10

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unity day - february 28

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