Girl Scout Troop 2219


Hillsborough River & Coastal Cleanup

Our troop will participate in another cleanup to make an impact in the community! Girls who attend will earn a Girl Scout patch. Our troop is registered, and we hope to get some girls and their moms out there to make a difference. See you there!

  • Where: Gandy Boat Ramp at 5108 Gandy Blvd, 33611
  • When: Saturday, September 17th 8:30am-11:30am
  • What To Bring/Wear:
  1. Girl Scout Tee Shirt and/or Junior Sash or Vest
  2. Work or garden gloves
  3. Sunscreen, Hat/Sunglasses
  4. Water Bottle
  5. Protective footwear (close-toed)

* Trash bags, water and soft gloves are provided. Promotional giveaways available while supplies last.*

Junior Troop Meeting

DATE: Wednesday, September 21st

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm (parent meeting at 7:15)

Place: Horizon Bay (next to Gorrie)

Where: Dew Duck Inn on the 3rd floor (2 lefts when you get off the elevator)

Room Code: the code to get into the room is 13579

Pickup: at 7:30pm

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Fall Product Parent Meeting Wednesday 9/21, 7:15pm

The Fall Product Program is one of two Girl Scouts of West Central Florida-sponsored programs and is a money earning opportunities for troops. Magazines, Nuts, Candy and Photo Keepsakes are offered in the fall product program. Girls will also earn REWARDS! Please start to talk to your daughter abot you plan to sell. These make great Christmas gifts!

2016 Fall Product Program Dates

  • September Fall Product Program begins with paper nut/candy order card
  • September 21 Fall Product Parent meeting during Girl Scout Troop Meeting
  • October 1 Online magazines, photo keepsakes and online nut sale begins
  • October 19 Fall Product Program ends for both paper order card and online
  • November 12 – 14 Nut/candy deliveries occur to assigned Service Units

There will be a mandatory short info session facilitated by our Fall Product mom Lauren Levy. Please arrive on time. Parents will meet in the Horizon lobby, while girls are still in the troop meeting. You will receive your product information & forms.

Rededication Ceremony

At our troop meeting, girls will plan their rededication ceremony. This is a very nice event, where girls will participate in Girl Scout traditions and songs and dedicate themselves to another year of scouting. The event will most likely be planned for October or early November. As soon as we have a date, we will let you know.

Volunteer Roles

We can't do this without you:)! Thank you moms for taking on a role in Girl Scouts this year! You will certainly make a difference for our girls!
  • Fall Product Nuts & Candy Mom: Lauren
  • Mother Daughter Tea Moms: Eva, Athena, Trina
  • Cookie Mom(s): Mercee & Katie
  • Service Project Moms: Shelly & Susan
  • Encampment & SWAPS Moms: Rebecca & Shikha
  • 5th Grade Savannah Trip Planning Committee: Shelly, Susan, Rebecca
  • Fundraising Committee: Eva, Rebecca, Athena
  • Family Camping Mom(s): Rene & Diane
  • Bronze Award Mom: Susan
  • Dance Volunteers: Diane & Trina
**Athena & Cindi will help facilitate roles
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Mark Your Calendars

Troop meetings will take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6pm to 7:30pm.
  • September-Fall Product Candy & Nut Sales begin
  • September 17-Keeping Tampa Bay Beautiful Coastal Cleanup TBA
  • September 21-Girl Scout Troop Meeting 6pm-7:30pm
  • September 21-Fall Product Parent Meeting 7:15pm
  • October/November TBA: Girl Scout Rededication Ceremony
  • October 19: Girl Scout Troop Meeting 6pm-7:30pm
  • November 14-21: Operation Christmas Child
  • December TBA: Girl Scout Mother Daughter Tea
  • January 8: Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance
  • February 3-5: Encampment

Your Troop Leaders

Athena Dicus

Cell: 727-656-9438


Cindi Herrera

Cell: 813-992-5108


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