Prometheus was the God who gave humans fire. He was the son of Titan, one of the elder gods of Greek Mythology. Prometheus was best known of sneaking into the heavens and stealing fire from the Gods. He failed to tell Zeus that doom would occur, apparently he wanted doom and not better for them. After that had happened, Zeus had Prometheus chained to a rock in the mountains, where an eagle came everyday to gnaw his liver. This went on for 30 years until Hercules killed the bird, ending Prometheus's torture.

Time Period & Historical Content.

  • Prometheus was in the 570 B.C
  • In the historical content was during the war with the Olympians.


  • The punishment of Prometheus & the foolishness of Pandora in releasing evil & suffering into the world are a version of the Fall & the end of Innocence as told in the Genesis.
  • Frankenstein can be compared to Prometheus in the way in which he steals fire by taking the power of lightening to get his monster to come alive.
  • Like Prometheus, he also defies the supreme & continues to pursue knowledge until it has bad consequences.

Nature vs Nurture

I think people choose to be the was that they are. If they want to do something bad then that's on them and nobody else. People don't really have to common sense to act like the way that they do. Some people do, but not all.