All about Me


I am the smallest element. My symbol is H, my atomic number and atomic masses are 1. O have a melting point of -259.14°C (20° above absolute zero) and a boling point of -252.89° I'm a gas at room temperature. I am in group one but I'm by it self I'm not an alkali metal, I'm actually a nonmetal. I got my name from the Greek words "hydro" and "genes" meaning water generator. My discoverer is Henry Cavendish and he found me in 1766. I have 3 isotopes the biggest is h-3 and the smallest is h-1.
I make up 90% of the earth by weight. I burn in air and I'm color and odorless. I'm used in metal refining and Hyundai ix35 fuel cells that only emit water vapor. People like of me as the clean energy of the future. Abot 3 billion cubic feet of me is produced in the US pre year. Scientist had been producing me for years before they thought of me as and element.