1930's Fashion

how did they look in the 1930's?

Their Style

In the 1930's, women's clothes were often long and sleek. Women's skirts often had their hemlines at mid-calf for daytime wear. A skirt would widen from the hip, while a full skirt would make a slim waist without bringing out the hips. A long skirt would usually be trimmed with ruffles, flare with flounces, but would most likely be simple with a long, slender shape. For evening wear, skirts would have ankle or floor-length hemlines.

Events they attended while wearing the fashion

Women usually wore these dresses to Old Hollywood themed proms, dances, charity balls, garden party's or weddings.

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What the features the women had in the 1930's?

The women usually had curly hair either from finger curls or even from an iron. Their makeup very bold, they would usually have a real bright color lipstick such as red, dark red, or even a very dull, dark color.