Audrey Miller


Audrey is from Statesville, North Carolina, which is just an hour north of Charlotte. She attended Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, NC, where she studied to become an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter. She is a recent graduate.

Audrey is a Christ follower and loves to use her voice to lead worship in the church setting and to connect with others through meaningful conversation. She has a creative mind and is often able to look at life with a fresh perspective. Audrey promotes joy and excellence in everyday life. As an understanding individual, she relates to others easily. She is a team player and she desires to help others in any way she can. For more information about Audrey, feel free to send her an e-mail:

Professional Interpreter Goals

Upon graduating from Gardner-Webb University's interpreting training program (ITP), I will have a provisional license to work in the state of North Carolina. My goal is to become nationally certified and work in an array of settings in the community. Working alongside a wide variety of people will help me feel the utmost purposed, as I crave variety.

As I seek to be a life-long learner, I aim to continue to read books and take courses and attend workshops to continue to broaden my spectrum and knowledge-base.

Interpreting Philosophy

Interpreting means establishing communication for two people. It is an important task that allows clients to participate more easily in life interactions. Although the world would not end without interpreters for the Deaf, we still make a difference by breaking communication barriers between Deaf and hearing communities.

While Interpreting, it is of utmost importance to adhere to the ethical practices as defined by RID and to make clients feel valued. A great attitude should accompany every assignment. Clients' preferences should always be considered above the preferences of the interpreter's to ensure that the interpreter is not taking over and stepping outside their boundaries.

Reflection of Experiences

When I first began learning ASL, I was a freshman in college. Prior to going to college, I learned some sign language at the church I grew up in through a sign language choir, but it was more English signing. The only signs I knew when I started my college career were religion related signs. This sign language choir sparked my interest in learning ASL as a language. I remember not having a clue about what fingerspelling was when I started learning. The more ASL I learned, the more I wanted to use it. Not long after I began learning ASL, I took a course on Deaf culture. I was fascinated by Deaf people because of their close-knit community and their enthusiasm about others wanting to take the time to learn their language.

When I started learning, although I knew little to nothing about ASL and Deaf people, because of my experiences at Gardner-Webb University and my interactions with Deaf, I have a wide range of ASL vocabulary and a general knowledge base of Deaf culture. I am excited when I reflect on all the growth that has occurred for me as a signer and as a more confident individual as an interpreter for the Deaf.

Sign Language Proficiency Interview Results

Audrey Miller SLPI Oct 2015

Interpreting Samples

Audrey Miller Man of Sorrows ASL
Translation Project Final Draft

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