Teddy bear Day

Created by Ella Bender

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A Brief History of Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears have always brought little children great joy, but is that the only reason that Americans love them so much? I think that it might have something to do with their namesake, President Teddy Roosevelt.

Teddy Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United Stats, in 1901-1909. Theodore was a very outdoors man. One day he was on a bear hunt with some friends. He was the only one who had not yet located a bear. One of his friends had cornered a bear and tied it to a tree. Then he told Roosevelt to shoot it. Roosevelt refused, saying that it was extremely unsportsmanlike like to do so.

Word of this action spread quickly. It eventually ended up in a newspaper, where a political cartoonist decided to make it into a lighthearted cartoon. A candy shop owner in Brooklyn, Morris Mitchom, and his wife, Rose, decided to make a stuffed toy bear, called the teddy bear. After he received permission to use Roosevelt's name, he put the bears in toy shops, where they were very popular. Teddy Bears have had a place in each American heart ever since.

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Why I think Teddy Bear day should become a National Holiday.

I think that we should make Teddy Bear Day a National Holiday because Teddy Bears honer out 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt was a great man, and very much believed in conserving our country. The Teddy Bear was named after him, so in a way it is honoring the president as well.

Another reason that I think we should make Teddy bear Day a national holiday is that Teddy Bears have always brought little children such great joy. I think that Teddy Bear Day not only celebrates Theodore Roosevelt, but it also celebrates little children in their wide-eyed years.

The last reason that I think Teddy Bear day should be a national holiday is that it also celebrates this country's wildlife. The only reason that the Teddy Bear was created was because President Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear, resulting in people across the nation realizing that they need to care more about the wildlife in this beautiful country. Therefore, this holiday also celebrates our country, and the importance of protecting its wildlife.

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In conclusion, I think that November 14, Teddy Bear day should become a national holiday because it celebrates Theodore Roosevelt, all little children, and this country's wildlife and the importance of protecting it. After reading this flyer I hope that you agree with me as well.
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