Tuesday Tech Thoughts

Beth Rihtar-- Instructional Tech Coach, Park Ridge, Illinois

Let's Play!

Free, unstructured play... for day (or part of a day?)

Global School Play Day is an amazing initiative to encourage unstructured play in school. This initiative was based out of research, and specifically cites their current surge of encouragement from the studies of Dr. Peter Gray, from Boston College. Check out their web page! While a full day of unstructured, non-teacher led play might be challenging, the research is compelling. Could you have an "hour of play" to commemorate this global awareness day?
Stop Motion of the gymnastics area at Field Elementary!

Want to play a map game?

Check out Geoguessr, which is an amazing interactive game for students AND kids of all ages! Geoguessr uses street views and 360 degree photos from Google Maps, and allows you to look for context clues and "drop a pin" to make a location guess. It's really neat, and is a great green light activity for students, and very engaging for everyone. Make sure to sign in, and use your "Sign in with Google" simplified login.

Beth Rihtar

Job-embedded professional development; talks to teachers about tech integration, best practices, efficiency, 4Cs; Google Certified Educator, bassist for the Northwest Symphony Orchestra; teacher of 20 years.