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Brazil Capital

Brazil's Capital is Brasillia

Life Age In Brazil

Life would be about 72 years old

Facts of Brazil

Brazil speek Portugeese.

Brazil is the 5th most populated country.

Brazil is the 5th most biggest country in area.

Natural Resources

Gold, Iron, Ore, Manganese, Nickel, Phosphates Platinum, Tin, Uranium, Petroleum, Hedro Electricity Power, Timber, Diamonds, Granite, Limestone, Clay, Sand and, Rubber

Brazil Population

Brazil's population is


Brazil Area

Brazil's area is


Brazil National Anthem

Brazil Names

Short Form Brazil

Long Form Federative Republic of Brazil

Brazil Continent

Brazil is in South America

Brazil National Flower

Brazil Birds

Brazilian birds and sounds! 3
Some brazilian birds and sounds!
Some brazilian birds and sounds! 2
2 hours of Relaxing Bird Songs Sounds in Forest

Brazil Flowers