Archetype Examples in Movies

Hannah Pridgen, Zach Dicken

Gracie Hart- Miss Congeniality

The Masquerader

Character Description

In the movie Gracie hart is an FBI agent who is the opposite of a girly girl. She is very tough and has terrible manners. When she is forced to go under cover as a beauty pageant participant, she must change her appearance and and personality in order to make her cover believable.

Archetype Description

Gracie hart fits into the masquerader category because she must change her appearance and personality in order to solve the FBI case. She gets a complete new hair and makeup look and an entirely new wardrobe. She is also forced to change the way she walks, talks, and acts at the dinner table.
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Leigh Anne Tuohy- The Blind Side

The Benefactor

Character Description

Leigh is a mom of two kids who takes in a troubled teen named Michael who had a rough past. She is very passionate about football and is very supportive of her family. She's very kind and giving person that helps Michael create a new life for himself.

Archetype Description

She fits into the benefactor archetype because she is a very wealthy women who takes in a troubled teen and sacrifices her time and money to help him accomplish his dreams. She gives him a home, a family that cares for him, a car, and a chance at going to college. She's gives him the ability to start his life over and become a very successful football player.
Best scene in The Blind Side (2009)

Electro- The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Misunderstood Villain

Character Description

Electro used to be a man who was saved by Spider-Man during a car incident. He became in love with Spider man honoring him and wanting to be his sidekick. This person was an outcast to the public and on his birthday people mistreated him. He fell in to a tank of ills were he became a super human. When he got out on the street people treated him like a villain and spider man like the hero he is, they shot him which made him very angry and them he became made a spider man and became evil.

Archetype Description

Electro fits the part of the mistreated villain because he was just a normal human who nobody cared about. When he got super powers many people quickly judged him as a villain and since he always got made fun of and was forgotten about this made him angry and chance to get back at all the people that have hurt him.