Heart Engagement Rings

Stunning Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings for the beloved

There was a time when there were not as many different types of engagement rings to choose from. Hence everybody wore rings that looked similar and had similar designs; the rings lacked uniqueness of design. It was indeed drab jewelry that everybody wore and wasn’t pleasant to the eye. Fortunately those days have gone by and nowadays modern designers are versatile and have a lot more in their repertoire to offer. The designs are distinct and meant for special occasions; betrothal ceremonies for example. The beautiful heart-shaped design is gaining in popularity these days.

Some may think, since diamonds symbolize love anyway, what is the necessity of heart engagement rings? The truth is heart is indeed a symbol of love, and so is the diamond. However, by combining these two an even more meaningful symbol of love is created.

For people who are hopelessly in love, there is nothing better than gifting heart engagement rings to their beloved on their engagement. As clichéd as it may sound, it is nonetheless tried and tested. Women love diamonds, and they love it even more when their shape resembles a human heart. One could, of course, choose a unique design to avoid the clichéd look.

A wide array of heart-shaped rings is available these days. They have distinct designs, setting, size, shape and cut. Normally the heart-shaped diamonds are made of the modified brilliant cut, with 58 facets. The facets are symmetrically aligned, so that they have bright sparkle emanates. A beautiful heart-shaped diamond made with the modified cut shimmers like fire and symbolizes passion.

To make this work, the two halves of the diamond should be proportionate and have the same dimensions. Symmetry is very important for heart engagement rings to reflect the right amount of light. Asymmetrical lengths would end up creating the ‘bow tie’ effect that ruins the diamond’s appearance.

The stone should be cut proficiently. Anything less than 0.5 Carat would look disproportionate. A diamond cutter should be wary of the size and shape. Even a simple mistake in judging the proportion and size could lead to a disaster. Hence it is advisable to purchase heart engagement rings from a respectable and experienced jeweler.

The length-width ratio in heart engagement rings normally is between 0.9 and 1.1. Anything less than 0.9 is not considered ideal. The same goes for over-sized ratios exceeding 1.00.

One could choose a unique setting for their heart-shaped diamond ring. These settings are paves, prong and bezel. One could choose the Three Stone style for their ring as well.

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