BMS Smore Account

Unlimited flyers! Cool backgrounds and fonts! Yay!

BMS has a Smore account

If you are wondering what Smore is, you are looking at it. This is a Smore page.

Smore is a super-easy website that allows you to make awesome flyers. This is a great tool for instruction as well as for promoting events.

Why should I care?

Dude - it's AWESOME. It's a flashy yet effective way to get your information out there. The kids LOVE it, too. It's a great way to have them display their information. It looks pretty on the iPad, and it is the perfect way to round out a project by adding a techy activity.

How do I log in?

Our login is

The password is Yellowjackets

Now what do I do?

Have fun! If you are a nerd, this will be fun! For those non-nerds, well, you can use it as needed.

Need help?

I will be happy to help you with your Smore flyers. Be prepared to be nerdified.