Oskar Schindler

A German Rescuer


.Oskar Schindler was born on April 28,1908. Oskar was born and raised in Savitary. He was German and Catholic. Oskar is originally known for saving thousands of lives in Germany. Through out the German take over Oskar has been a life saver.His wife Emilie was also helping Oskar save Jews from concentration camps.Without the help of Oskar and Emilie Schindler, there wouldnt have been good thing about the Holocaust.

Early Life

Growing up Oskar Schindler attended many trade schools. He also attened grammar school studied engineering. After going to trade schools, he had variety of jobs such as working on his fathers farm and opening own driving school. After graduating from trade schools, Oskar married Emilie Pelzl who later will become Mrs.Schindler. Oskar will also worked in the German Armed Forces.

During Holocaust

During the Holocaust Oskar rescued over 1,000 Jews from deporting from Aushwitz. Afterwards Oskar moved to Krakow in October 1939. He also saved 500 workers from Cracow Ghetto. Schindler provided them with homes, extra food, and medical care. Later he saved 1,000 more people from Aushwitz and 700 were jews. After saving people, Oskar was arrested several times by the Gestapo for favoring jews.

After Holocaust

After the German take over, Schindler smuggled himself to Germany while seperated from Emilie. Oskar died on October 9, 1974 in Germany. The Jews he saved transferred him to be burried in Jerusalem. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum council honored Oskar Schindler for the Medal of Rememberance. The Medal of Rememberance is rarely presented. Because of his death Emilie accepted the award in honor of him.