The Book Thief

A Historical Fiction novel by Markus Zusak

We have our symbols, we all have our names; our only true differences are our faiths!

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We're all human, treat the Jewish like you would treat yourself.

Would you even dare to do this to the Früher, Hitler, himself?:

  • "The Jew was whipped six times. On his back, his head, and his legs. 'You filth! You swine!' Blood dripped now from his ear."

Would you, really?

As stated above, we all have our individual values, faces and names, and yet, we are one and the same. No person deserves to be treated lower than the rest, simply because of their religion or heritage. We all share the same race: human. However, we treat each other as inhumane as possible. The Nazis imprisoned living people, Jewish people, because they were Jewish. They killed people, because they were Jewish. Would you kill a woman, just because they had a family? Would you kill a man, just for the sake of fun, or “God’s will”? Would you kill a Nazi if he killed a Christian? Secondly, the Jews taken were completely dehumanized. They were whipped, in broad daylight, in front of a whole neighborhood, for taking bread offered by a man. Said man was then also whipped, in the same conditions. Both ordinary people were called names and humiliated, by another person. Even though we have our differences, we are still the same. Please, do not make it so that we are so divided, a different religion means a different species.